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Gere Speech and Language Therapy, LLC is a provider for many Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Care plans, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care plans and United Health Care plans. You may seek reimbursement for services directly from your insurance company. In this case, speech and language services provided by Gere Speech and Language Therapy, LLC will be considered out-of-network by your insurance company. We are happy to provide  you with an itemized bill including diagnosis and treatment codes. We recommend that you contact your insurance company to determine what percentage is covered for both in and out-of-network speech therapy. We are not responsible for any charges your insurance company considers to be in excess of reasonable or customary fees as well as those considered medically unnecessary.  Full payment is due at the start of each therapy session.



We accept many forms of payment:


Cash: Exact change is required.


Checks: Make checks payable to Gere Speech and Language Therapy, LLC.


Credit cards: We accept  MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express and FSA cards.



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